Seamen, during your call at Marseilles, the AMAM, (Marseilles Association for the Welcoming of sailors) offers its services in its seamen’s club and each afternoon visits the ships that arrived in the port.

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New!!! Drive shop!!! Since the pandemic, the Seamen’s Club can register your orders and deliver them to your ship with its minibus.

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Seamen’s club Marseille Provence Cruise Terminal

Mole Léon Gourret – Post 162

Seamens club port autonome Marseille SituationEvery time there is a cruise ship, it is open from 10 am till one hour before the last ship sails.

Internet stations



Bar and snacks

Gift shop

Musical Instrument (Guitar) / Games

Library / international newspapers

Maps and information

Seamen’s club in Hôtel « Les Gens de Mer » (Seafarers’ Hotel)

Forbin street

This other club used to be part of the Hotel « Les Gens de Mer ». Due to the closure of this hotel, the activities of this Seamen’s Club have now been transfered to the Cruise ship terminal Seamen’s Club.

Visits on board

From Monday to Friday afternoons, AMAM volonteers come to meet you on board.

They can sell you phone cards and transmit your mail.

Visits to hospital

If you happen to know that a crew member is in hospital in Marseilles, please inform us by calling 04 91 90 47 25  so that someone from the association can go and visit him.